Friday, January 29, 2010

Pittsburghers - Check out!!

If you are a Pittsburgh sports fan, no matter your present location, you have GOT to check out This is a beautiful site (the best sports site I have even seen) run by a great guy, Chris Viola. This thing is pretty damned impressive - visually stunning, smooth-running, and well-written, truly a professional production. I am very happy to announce that Chris has been kind enough to agree to be a guest author on this brand new blog you are reading right now. We are JUST getting started, and we can use his help. He will post once in a while (no obligation, Chris) when he wants to mix things up a bit, and it will be great to have his experience and insights into all things Pittsburgh. Although he may share sports wisdom with us, you will need to go to to get the really in-depth stuff. Thanks!

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