Sunday, January 17, 2010


Pittsburgh is remarkable in terms of charitable organizations (among other things). We have an enormous number of fundraisers going on for more causes than I can count. My co-authors and I have decided to add a couple of new options. We are working with a club at North Hills High School to create a fundraiser through which they will sell Doing Good Works and Pittsburgh, the Greatest City in the World and split the profits with us 50 / 50. We have many expenses to cover, but I think 50% is pretty respectable. Once we try this out with them, we will open up this option to all schools and registered charities. We think that this will be a great way for organizations to raise money, and it is a better option than the junk food that they usually try to sell. If you have ideas of places that could use new fundraiser idea. please let us know. We are also interested in getting the word out through local media. We sent a Pittsburgh book to WDVE. You would think that a book that uses over 300 research items to prove that this is the greatest city in the world would have gotten their attention, but we never heard anything. We are going to have to gently remind them to take a look. The Pittsburghers need to know about this. I would love for the book to help rake in cash for as many local schools and charities as possible. The more we make, the more we can afford to give. Once we get loans and other expenses paid off, maybe we can offer even more than 50% of the profits.

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