Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Knock it off with the chairs already!

OK. I know that the ritual of placing chairs to save your spot when you had to excavate your car out of the snow has been around for a long time, but let's get real. We got nailed with snow and we ALL had to spend two hours or more digging out our cars. If you had to dig your car out for two hours then WELCOME TO THE CLUB! There is nothing unique about that. If you drove, you dug.

I understand that people have a sense of TEMPORARY ownership over that space, although they have NO LEGAL RIGHT TO IT (LOOK IT UP). However, it's been almost a month, guys. If you are still placing a chair to hog up a space that you are not even using for hours at a time, you are just being greedy. Let it go.

Part of being a great city is being reasonable. Folks from other cities look at this kind of territorialism as being provincial. We're better than this. Your time spent working on an area of space does not give you indefinite rights to it for a month at a time. If so, then the trash men should be able to reserve a spot in front of your house because they picked up the garbage there.